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Your work is amazing!
Serena Stone - 14 Oct 2018
Jan I visited today. Glad I did. I am better for it. Thanks for the images.
Ian McInnis - 23 Nov 2017
Ta passion pour les couleurs, les livres, la liberté des femmes et l'art est une vraie inspiration, Jan!!!! Car, sans couleurs, pas de vie // sans livres, pas de vie // sans liberté, pas de vie // sans femmes, pas de vie.
Anita LaLiberté - 27 Jan 2017
I love your work--the depth in some of the paintings is spellbinding. You are doing exceptional work.
Pat Preston - 27 Oct 2016
Today I found the gift of one of your paintings in our Little Free Library on Cadboro Bay Road. What a lovely acknowledgement to our neighbourhood book lovers, Jan. You made my day. Thank you so much.
Sue Mead - 24 Nov 2015
Found your Ladysmith Street neighbourhood book box painting. It's awesome. I have laminated it and will put it up in the book box for all to enjoy. Cheers!
Max - 31 Aug 2015
Hi Jan... I have the book box on Old Esquimalt Road, and today saw the painting you did of my book box in March! Thank you so much!
Marie Fidoe - 3 Aug 2015
I love your work Jan! Congratulations.
Erica - 11 Nov 2012
Good to meet you Jan. Love your Privilege of Color series! Lorraine
Lorraine Thorarinson Betts - 9 Aug 2012
Interesting work! Hope to get to see some in person.
David Cordon - 21 May 2012
Jan, the IBS 'flowers' look great...thank you so much for all your work and for the opportunity to comtributee. I hope for prints! I call my 1 of 4 "The Floob" (flower + boob) and the larger one Field of Floobs!
Judy Krzesowski - 18 Jan 2012
WOW, I simply love how your work has progressed. You are amazing! Perhaps a live look in the fall??
Amie - 4 Jul 2011
First time here. So fabulous Jan. My favourites: Band Trials #1, Tapis, Alphabet, Summer Storm, Grid Iron, Privileges, Grey Renmant and 9000 Pieces!
Anne-Marie - 10 Apr 2011
Please read my website http://roostershamblin.wordpress.com/
Dennis Daryl Shamblin - 16 Nov 2010
Hi Jan ... It's 4am and I decided to browse your site again--so very cool! It is really well done! And your art -- well I am, as before, just very impressed. You are a talent! What are you selling? Pam
Pam Owen-Lafrance - 27 Sep 2010
I love all your work Jan!!! I've always thought you were an incredibly good artist and these works further support that! Catherine
Catherine - 5 Aug 2010
Jan, I am so incredibly proud of you! Your paintings ROCK! Love Lorilee Summer 2010
Lorilee Cole - 27 Jul 2010
Jan, just got back from Montreal so have been slow to see this! Your work is fantastic. I'm very excited for you and will need to discuss a commission with you!
Jan Costeloe - 14 Apr 2010
Hi Jan, great work - love the colours.
Georgina Cordon-Norsworthy - 13 Apr 2010
Hey Jan, Well done......really liked the site. Everything looked wonderful. What about some of those monochrome print type ones that I saw in your studio? I was looking for them! I loved those too--maybe I'll check again.Anyway, good luck with your art career....ATB, Lyn
Lyn Rapin - 13 Apr 2010
Hi Jan! My mum sent me your link as she knows I'm an art lover. I think your abstract pieces are fantastic and I love your use of colour. Excellent work!
Amy Dickens - 10 Apr 2010
Thank you for sending me your website. Very impressive. Loved Bands #1. They all gave me energy.
Anne Churchill - 9 Apr 2010
Jan, well done!! your work is so beautiful...but I couldn't see any drawings...your drawings are my favourite...also, can't get over your 10,000 drawings piece, I have kept thinking of it all week, I am extremely impressed...sooooo incredible. xx Sarah
Sarah Houghton - 9 Apr 2010
Thanks so much for including us on the list. Jan, your work is lovely, vibrant, just like you.
Michele Curry - 9 Apr 2010
Just love your work, Jan. Congratulations!!
Pam V - 9 Apr 2010
So exciting for you Jan, and it was great to hear from you. We all miss your talent here though. Please send me your new address.
Janice Dickens - 8 Apr 2010
Jan, I'm soooo impressed! Your work is gorgeous! I especially like the colours and size of Corrosion #1! BTW ... Greetings from AZ! See you soon!
Ramona Cheran - 8 Apr 2010
I'm impressed. Keep it up. Who would have thought all those hours with paper and crayons at the kitchen table would grow into a painting like this.
carolyn henry - 8 Apr 2010
Well, I am blown away by your work. That pretty perky blue eyed blond I play tennis with is a great talent!! Your use of colour is stunning. And now I know the title of my painting!! Lue Crawford
Lue Crawford - 8 Apr 2010
Love your work, Jan. You have come a long way since painting afternoons in Dhahran! Congratulations, it is a wonderful body of work.
Marni McKitrick - 8 Apr 2010
Love the resin pieces! #3 is my favourite.
Kristine Paton - 8 Apr 2010
Hi Jan - these are fabulous! I'm sure you must be selling like hotcakes! (or should I say "Fishcakes" as we just had Good Friday! Congratulations!
Lynn Cordon - 8 Apr 2010
HI Jan Just got your website a minute ago and was so excited to see it. Your work is fabulous and I find myself very attracted to the blues even though I am not a blue person. Well done and its great you have an area you are so interested in and talented at. I'm glad to have your email so will be in touch.
audrey kelly - 8 Apr 2010
I love it!! The site is great, the art is WONDERFUL, and you look great too!! Keep it up and when we come out west later this year (we hope) maybe you'll let me see more! Pam
Pamela Owen-Lafrance - 8 Apr 2010
Jan, Your work is amazing!!!! I absolutely love all of it! You are a very talented lady :)
Amy McGeachy - 8 Apr 2010
Congratulations Jan!!! Great work - Ira
Ira Hoffecker - 7 Apr 2010
Wow your work is georgous! and totally my taste too! you have been busy, well done!
Louise Norsworthy - 6 Apr 2010
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